InfoCision Career Progression Path Helps Employees to Grow

InfoCision has a strong history of hiring from within to fill open positions.  For instance, company president and CEO Carl Albright started his career as an entry-level supervisor in an InfoCision call center, and several other executives started out with the company as communicators (telephone agents) some years ago.  InfoCision’s Career Progression Path helps them to recognize employeeswho stand out and have the potential to be future leaders.  The result is an atmosphere where high-level employees understand the specific roles of employees under their supervision and a generally happier staff that knows it has the potential to advance.  In fact, InfoCision’s turnover rate is among the lowest throughout the teleservices industry.

It worked for Laurie Davis.  After being out of work for five months in early 2007, she took a job at InfoCision as a communicator, planning to stay only until she found other work.  However, she stayed and was recently promoted to program supervisor after following InfoCision’s Career Progression Path for communicators, which was specifically developed to help communicators progress through various job roles to become a member of the call center supervisory team.

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