Kimberly Moore Joins TAS Source

TAS Source announced that Kimberly Moore has joined the team to head up their business brokerage group.  Kimberly is a certified merger an acquisition advisor and brings an extensive network of contacts looking for purchase and sale opportunities in the business center, telephone answering service, and other service businesses.  Kimberly has many years experience and has recently sold her multiple business centers locations and telemessaging business based in Colorado.  Kimberly’s reputation and contacts will prove to be an invaluable resource to TAS Source clients.

TAS Source’s service is centered on the need to build trust and preserve confidentiality at all costs.  “In addition to working as a trusted intermediary, we have developed a systematic approach to preparing a business for sale to help ensure that it will generate the most interest and bring the greatest return for your investment,” stated Chuck Boyce.  “When working with sellers, we are able to discreetly approach potential acquisitions and determine if there is any interest in selling a business.”

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