LinxScheduler: Szeto’s New Workforce Management Software

Szeto introduces LinxScheduler, a powerful Web-based work tool that allows employers to schedule their staff according to need, availability, and capability.  Employers can forecast staffing needs based on historic data.  Details of each staff member’s number of work hours, work history, access level, availability, and salary can be easily accessed.  This information is helpful in determining a schedule where work hours are fairly divided among staff, while minimizing labor costs.

The Szeto team sought to design a workforce management program that was simple and efficient, while capable of generating detailed and projective reports.  Two goals were kept in mind: simplicity and detailed.  The LinxScheduler graphs are well illustrated and easy to understand.  Whatever information is needed, from last month’s busiest day, to how many hours an employee worked last week, or which employees to schedule when covering for a vacation, LinxScheduler will simplify the task.

Every call center has their individual variation of agent “skill levels.”  LinxScheduler allows users to customize their own definitions and levels to suit their business needs.  Although LinxScheduler was designed for Szeto’s Call Linx application, it can be interface with any platform.

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