MedCom Helps Vision Impaired

The staff at MedCom Professional Services, Inc., with offices in Levittown, Allentown and New Holland, Pa., took their spring-cleaning to a new level.  They swept their offices for used computer equipment and donated it to the Susquehanna Association for the Blind and Vision Impaired in Lancaster, Pa.

“It’s a win-win-win situation all around,” MedCom’s Executive Vice President Tom Sheridan said about the donation.  “I had just said we’ve got a lot of stuff in the storeroom we need to get rid of, and they called looking for donations.”

“The program appealed to me because it not only helped the SABVI, but it also recycles computer equipment in a responsible way,” Sheridan said, adding the office equipment MedCom donated was about 4-5 years old and still in working condition.  Some only needed new operating systems.

“SABVI is excited to offer this new service to businesses throughout our service area,” said Dennis Steiner, president/CEO of SABVI.

“Not only are we able to increase employment opportunities for people who are blind, but we will be providing a much needed service to our community.”

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