Amtelco’s MergeComm Unifies and Automates Dispatching

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Amtelco introduces MergeComm, which brings automated dispatching to the contact center. MergeComm dispatch scenarios can be triggered directly by agents and customers, as well as automatically by external systems.

Triggers can originate from Amtelco’s miSecureMessages, POP3 and SMTP email, phones, EMR-HL7 healthcare interfaces, SMS modems and aggregators, and Web services.

Processes can provide dispatch services that include scripting, directory, status, on-call schedules, automated dispatching, retries and escalation, reporting, monitoring, and EMR-HL7 integration.

Configurable rules, on-call schedules, and dynamic statuses ensure that the desired notifications are routed to the correct personnel on their specified devices. Timeouts, retries, and escalations provide the flexibility to adapt to unforeseen circumstances. Should it become necessary, jobs can be automatically routed to an agent for manual intervention at any point.

Notifications can be sent to appropriate personnel by miSecureMessages, email, pagers, phones, smart devices, SMS, and Vocera Badges. MergeComm’s ability to integrate with a call center system and its ease of operation offers savings and expands earning potential.

For more information, contact Amtelco at 800-356-9148 or

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