New Startel Messenger Powered by CenturiSoft

Startel announced that they have formalized an agreement with CenturiSoft to provide the new Startel Messenger.  “The partnership with CenturiSoft provides us with the capability to deploy another best-of-breed application to our clients,” stated Bill Lane, president.  “Startel will continue to provide robust solutions which will enable our customers to better compete in the marketplace.”

Available in twelve, twenty-three, and forty-six port configurations, the Startel Messenger provides additional scalability and VoIP solutions to their customers’ voice services products.  One advantage of the Messenger is that it supports a distributed configuration with a single point of administration and maintenance.

The new Startel Messenger is an ISO 9001 certified appliance that will be supported by Startel’s customer support team.  Startel will provide 24/7 levels I and II support after the sale.  “The addition of the CenturiSoft application assimilates very well into our existing voice services support,” stated Sheryl Denny, vice president.

“The alliance between Startel and CenturiSoft further cements our relationship.  We are pleased that Startel will be selling, distributing, and supporting CenturiSoft,” stated John Pope, president, CenturiSoft.