New State Regulations Effect Call Centers

Shaun Petersen, of Mac Murray, Petersen & Shuster LLP, reported that three states laws recently passed laws that affect call center activity.

Indiana adopted revisions to its Do Not Call (DNC) law.  The law now applies to residential telephone subscribers who, for the service received have a place of primary use in Indiana or have been issued an Indiana telephone or identification number.  Accordingly, the law applies to VoIP, mobile telecommunications, and prepaid wireless services.  Also, the definition of “telephone sales call” now expressly includes text messages, making DNC laws applicable to text messages.

The Tennessee legislature adopted amendments to its DNC law, allowing state government telephone subscribers to place their telephone numbers of the state’s DNC list.

In Oklahoma, amendments to the state’s Commercial Telephone Solicitation Act and Telemarketer Restriction Act, including its DNC requirements, now expressly apply to text messages.

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