Szeto Releases Two Mobile Apps

To protect medical patient privacy and personal health information among medical professionals and answering services and to enhance features of its product to better support its customers, Szeto Technologies has developed its own mobile app, “Central Secured,” to ensure messages transported via wireless mobile devices are secured for HIPAA compliance.

This mobile app feature is fully integrated into Szeto’s Call Linx TAS system. This service is also available to other call centers with different equipment platforms to ensure their messages are secured among end-users and the answering services, via an easy and simple API interface.

Complimentary to its traditional check-in, checkout procedures, Szeto Technologies has developed special mobile apps to enhance its efficiency and reliability, which includes the capability to automatically identify the whereabouts of the employee in danger and to determine a “man-down” situation with an instant alert of the “Emergency.”

The automatic employee safety-monitoring feature has been part of the Call Linx system from Szeto Technologies for many years to enable call centers to monitor the safety of employees working in unsupervised or dangerous environments. Employees are required to periodically check in during their work shift to confirm their safety. Missing check-in is interpreted as employee-in-trouble and will trigger an escalation procedure to alert the rescue team.

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