OnviSource Announces Explora Speech Analytics for Call Centers

OnviSource announced the availability of highly Explora Speech Analytics solution for call centers and enterprises.  Explora Speech Analytics is integrated with the OnviCenter 6 workforce optimization (WFO) software suite that includes call recording, quality assurance, screen capture, coaching, workforce management, and agent transaction automation.  Explora audio mining delivers value for customer experience requirements, sales, marketing, and business intelligence gathering across the enterprise.

The Explora speech technology is a phonetic engine that provides fast and accurate search, permitting analysis of 100% of recordings in near-real time with industry standard servers.  With Explora Speech Analytics call centers can perform analysis of recording for clients or permit web-access to clients so they can conduct their own search and analysis of recordings pertaining to their business only.  Clients can analyze and identify “hot topics” and areas of interest without complete reliance on the call center itself.  Intelligence gleaned from recordings allows call centers and clients alike to instantly uncover actionable knowledge that can be used to both their advantages.  Explora’s low price makes it economical for call centers to offer this value-added service to their clients.