OnviSource Announces OnviCare Customer Lifecycle Assistance Services

OnviSource announced a new suite of customer-centric services called OnviCare Lifecycle Assistance Services.  OnviCare expands its support programs by offering solutions beyond technical support, assisting customers from product evaluations and procurements to operations continuity and business intelligence.

OnviCare services include free OnviCenter product pilots and trials, assistance in financing and procurement, free telecom audit and consulting, IT assistance, business and operations continuity programs, user communities, and dissemination of business intelligence.  It also includes free training webinars in best practices and customer-tailored programs.

“We’ve become a more proactive partner with our customers,” explained Stan Jasinski, president of the enterprise solutions division.  “It’s our belief that offering technical solutions and product support programs is no longer adequate to support our customers through their entire operation and business experience associated with OnviSource solutions.  OnviCare encompasses services that assist customers with every challenge related to evaluation, acquisition, deployment, operation and business management.”

OnviSource recognized the need for solutions beyond products and technical support. OnviCare services fulfill customers’ business requirements and offer cost-efficient solutions that will help sustain them in an ever-changing business environment, making it easier for them to focus on their core objectives.