OnviSource Announces OnviCom

OnviSource announced OnviCom™, a cost-effective, all-inclusive, and integrated suite of products providing an end-to-end solution for customer interaction applications, teleservice companies, and answering services. OnviCom is an integral part of the OnviCenter suite of solutions. It’s powered by the company’s latest OnviCenter 7 platform and its newly announced OnviLink user experience, which offers unified user interfaces, reports and dashboards, collaborative management, and application automation.

OnviCom is a direct response to the growing market demand in unification of customer interaction management and customer journey, in which customers’ transactions are processed and tracked in an integrated environment, consisting of telecom platforms, CRM applications, and workforce optimization (WFO) software. Additionally, OnviCom offers a cloud-ready platform by providing capabilities such as IP-based technologies, security measures, web services, VMware, and multi-tenant applications.

“Today’s enterprises require a unified and an end-to-end solution when interacting with their customers, demanding an integrated ecosystem of network interfaces, PBX features, CRM applications and WFO capabilities, all seamlessly working together,” said Ray Naeini, OnviSource chairman and CEO. “Our OnviCom suite of solutions fully utilizes the latest advancements in software, web services, Internet, and VoIP technologies in order to create such a unified ecosystem.”

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