OnviSource Announces OnviLink

OnviSource announced the release of OnviLink, a new addition to the company’s OnviCenter suite of Workforce Optimization and Automation products. OnviLink optimizes and automates the workforce and customer interaction process. It unifies the OnviCenter suite of products – including call recording, screen capture, QA, speech and desktop analytics, notification and messaging platform, and customer interaction applications – and introduces real-time analytics, comparative analysis, and rule-based actions and content delivery.

Contact centers, while using today’s workforce optimization products from various vendors, will require further unification and automation of manual processes and functions utilized in their interactions with customers. OnviLink automatically captures and records calls, screens, and data. It then analyzes the captured media according to user-defined rules utilizing speech and desktop analytics. New comparative analysis technology evaluates the results against key performance indicators and generates actionable knowledge. User-specified actions and content deliveries are then automatically triggered, including alerts, emails, SMS, APIs, or the launch of other applications. Actions are distributed according to user-defined distribution lists and targets. Each step in the process can be configured using the OnviLink intuitive user interface.

OnviSource plans to progressively roll out three releases of OnviLink in 2013.

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