OnviSource Announces OnviNet Portica, Call Center Unified Communication Platform

OnviSource announced the roll out of OnviNet Portica Unified Communications Platform, automating and optimizing call center agent communications.  Portica is an affordable multi-media and integrated call center communications platform that optimizes messaging and automates call handling.  It optimizes call center messaging through integrated voicemail, email, 2-way SMS, fax, and dispatch.  It also automates call center call handling through features such as auto-dialers, Intelligent Call Distributor (ICD) and Interactive Voice Response (IVR).

Portica is integrated with the OnviCenter suite of Workforce Optimization and Automation (WFO-A) software solutions for call recording, quality assurance, screen capture, speech analytics, and workforce management applications; as well as agent automation capabilities and scripted inbound/outbound CRM applications.  Portica extends workforce optimization and automation to agent communications and call handling and is fully integrated with OnviCenter CRM applications.

“OnviSource intends to lead the industry in delivering highly affordable contact center solutions that can not only optimize and automate workforce performance and CRM applications, but also the agent and call center inbound-outbound communications,” explained John Hird, Vice President of Product Marketing for OnviSource.  “Portica delivers a unified platform for end-to-end communication optimization and automation for the contact center workforce.”

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