OnviSource Announces Redundancy, Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions

OnviSource announced the availability of OnviNet Ensura Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution packages for its customers using their OnviCall and AccuCall platforms.  OnviSource is offering Ensura Backup and Recovery Solutions to its customers to protect their business and assist in restoring operations in the event of unforeseen disaster or problematic circumstances.

Ensura offers critical backup, standby, and redundancy packages designed to facilitate the fastest possible recovery.  Each level of protection is configured to accommodate a variety of customer needs.  Ensura Basic offers protection from potential hardware failures.  Database replication and hardware redundancy make up Ensura Standard.  For customers seeking the most comprehensive backup and recovery protection, Ensura PRO offers full redundancy, database replication, redundant application licenses, and one-click switchover to secure continuous operation.

To assist customers in choosing a backup and recovery package that will best satisfy their operating requirements, OnviSource is offering a free System Requirements Assessment service to consider the unique requirement of each customer.  OnviCall is part of the OnviCenter 6 suite of solutions in workforce optimization (OnviCord), workforce CRM automation (OnviCall), and workforce communication automation (OnviNet).

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