OnviSource Introduces Automated QA

OnviSource announced Excella Plus, automated Quality Assurance (QA) and call analytics. Excella Plus integrates with OnviSource’s Explora speech analytics to deliver automated mass monitoring and analysis of recorded interactions. This allows automated monitoring and analysis of every call without having to add QA personnel. Analytics-based QA uses the automation of speech analytics to analyze 100% of recordings to identify those recordings that require a more in depth analysis for compliance, discovery, and quality management.

Excella Plus uses call recording intelligence to capitalize on hidden opportunities and insights, identify liabilities, and target training efforts. It can provide a comprehensive QA program and share business intelligence, making it economical to provide this as value-added service. Excella Plus products are integrated with the OnviCenter suite of workforce optimization and automation software products.

OnviSource offers a special service program to assist customers with implementation, deployment, and ROI recognition, including ROI analysis, application analysis, project planning, customization, pilot programs, and hands-on training, as well as, business continuity and assurance measures.

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