OnviSource Introduces Net Zero Solution for System Upgrades

OnviSource announced their new Net Zero Solutions package, which is a combination of free telecom consulting services yielding potential monthly savings, a special offer to upgrade from a legacy system to OnviSource’s latest call center technology, OnviCenter 6, and attractive monthly financing.  Net Zero Solutions can enable some telemessaging call centers to upgrade their legacy systems to the latest technology with net zero monthly cost, while enjoying new opportunities to expand revenues and optimize operations.

Assessment of user requirements and a telecom billing audit is the first part of Net Zero Solutions.  Audits — which ensure call centers aren’t paying unnecessary fees and secure the best rates possible — have resulted in reduced telecom service rates that offset the cost to upgrade to a new system.

Qualified customers can procure specially discounted OnviCenter 6 systems, offsetting monthly lease payments with their monthly telecom savings; leasing is available through a trusted financing institution.  OnviCenter 6 delivers the latest technologies in teleservices, workforce optimization, and agent scripting-automation; as well as the capability to offer order processing-fulfillment and inbound-outbound campaign management.

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