OnviSource Offers Continuity Products and “Ecosystem of Solutions”

OnviSource announced OnviCenter products offering operations continuity capabilities for other products in the suite of OnviCenter workforce optimization and automation: Ensura and Informa, which reduce recoveries and customers’ support efforts in maintaining their OnviCenter products.

Ensura offers system redundancy, backup, and recovery.  Informa interworks with Ensura and other OnviCenter products and provides monitoring of various functionalities, analysis of critical operational indicators, automatic notifications when indicators reach user-defined thresholds and management reports.  Additionally, OnviSource offers an operations control center, to which Informa’s notifications can be automatically routed to for use by OnviSource service engineers.

OnviSource also announced the formation of an “ecosystem of solutions” to contact centers and enterprises consisting of a suite of workforce optimization and automation software products, customer lifecycle assistance services beyond conventional customer support, and justifiable, compliant and result-oriented business process outsourcing (BPO) services.

Starting with a suite of workforce optimization products and applications, OnviSource offers free trials, financing, free telecom consulting, and operations continuity services to assure best use of its contact center products, IT services, free training, and webinars.  Outsourcing options include sales lead generation, telesales, and entire inbound-outbound call center services, including back-office management.

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