OnviSource Releases Software-Based PBX and Telephony Server

OnviSource released OnviTel, a new addition to the company’s OnviCenter suite of Workforce Optimization and Automation (WFO-A) products. OnviTel provides turnkey solutions for IP and digital PBX, voicemail with email notification, interactive voice response (IVR), auto-attendant, conference bridges, and call screening. It can also operate as a telephony server for OnviCenter WFO-A products, offering call recording, voicemail, answering service, and customer interaction solutions with telephony interfaces to a network.

OnviTel can be used as a stand-alone product or integrated with other OnviCenter products. Its software-based structure and VoIP capabilities can reduce expenses in both the purchase price and monthly network service charges. Customers can obtain a turnkey solution to provide PBX and integrated call center applications with savings in procurement and operation.

OnviSource’s call center and offices in Oklahoma use OnviTel, integrated with company’s WFO-A products to meet their telecom infrastructure requirements. The company’s offices and contact centers in Texas are in the process of deploying OnviTel, scheduled to complete by end of January. OnviSource also employs OnviTel as part of its OnviCloud infrastructure that provides cloud and managed services to customers.

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