OpenSpan Unveils Activity Intelligence Solution for Contact Centers

OpenSpan Inc. announced the availability of OpenSpan Activity Intelligence, a new SaaS-based solution designed to bring a strategic lens to contact centers, delivering advanced correlation capabilities, including outcome analyses that uncover key behaviors, processes, or activities that result in gold-standard service experiences.

The solution can capture any activity within any application and expose this data in an array of formats for reporting, replacing or enhancing many existing exercises such as call dispositions, notes, tally sheets, performance observations, time and motion studies, and data extrapolations including performance metrics like average handle time, quality monitoring, evaluation scores, and workforce management data. This data can be aggregated and presented in report formats tailored to the needs of call center management.

“Based on estimates from the U.S. Bureau of Statistics and the International Labor Organization, there are approximately 30 million contact center agents employed globally,” said Eric Musser, OpenSpan CEO. “Over the next decade, companies will invest billions of dollars on applied analytics solutions that drive performance improvements in these customer facing areas. OpenSpan Activity Intelligence brings a more actionable approach by analyzing desktop activity as a means to have rapid impact in these critical areas.”

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