Professional Teledata Announces PInnacle Enhancements

Professional Teledata announced the availability of enhancements for PInnacle customers with eQueue switches and all PInnacle Freedom customers.  ACD Monitor program, shows complete details for all calls in the ACD queue including: DNIS, ANI, client name and ID, and the current stage of call handling (such as pre-announce, ring, delay announce, or music-on-hold); agent information shows the agent mode (such as talking or working).

“These enhancements are helpful in measuring key performance indicators and providing tools for managing the call queues,” stated Alan Hartmann, vice president of Professional Teledata.  “In addition, these changes drive the newly announced real-time traffic statistics package.”

The ACD updates enable improved tracking of inbound traffic via the recently released real-time traffic statistics package, providing traffic data based on ACD route, time of day, day of week, client ID, or agent ID.

“This feature has been available since early 2009 for PInnacle customers with Millennium switches and we have been working to make it available for the balance of our users.  We’ve designed this to be compatible with the ATSI Industry Standard Certification Workbook,” added Hartmann.

Contact Karen Black at 800-344-9944 x112 or for more information.

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