Professional Teledata Announces SMS Text Messaging Integration

At the Fall P.I.N. meeting in Manchester, Professional Teledata announced that the latest release of its PInnacle Telemessaging System has complete SMS text messaging integration.

“Our users recently approached us about adding SMS text messaging to our PInnacle platform.  They cited their increasing frustration dealing with aging dial up paging terminals and the unreliability of emailing mobile devices, as compelling reasons to act immediately on this initiative,” said Jim Graham, Vice President of Development.  “We were pleased to be able to respond so quickly to our user’s requests with such a robust feature set.  As well as being able to send outbound messages to mobile devices via SMS text messaging, PInnacle is also able to process incoming SMS text messages when the recipient responds back to the agent who is dispatching via a SMS text message.  This cuts down significantly on ‘check-in calls,’ reducing labor and staffing levels.”

Allen Kalik, President of the company added, “The SMS text messaging integration gives the PInnacle user another tool to help streamline their business.  This new feature brings our product to a new level of automation, unmatched within the industry.”

PInnacle SMS includes a wireless GSM modem and all the software necessary to integrate two-way SMS messaging into PInnacle.

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