Professional Teledata Announces Supervisor Coaching Feature

Professional Teledata announced the supervisor coaching feature, available for all PInnacle systems.  The supervisor coaching feature allows supervisors to talk to online PInnacle operators directly through their headset without being heard by the calling party.  The feature is available from any telephone to any operator station.  At the touch of a button the supervisor can go from silent monitoring to offering advice, critique, or compliments while the conversation in engaged, and the caller cannot hear the supervisor.  If necessary, there is the added capability of “call barge” which  allows the supervisor or trainer to enter into the call.

The supervisor coaching feature works with both on-site and remote operators, using digital, analog, or VoIP telephones.  “With our PInnacle system we are always looking for new and inventive ways to make training easier and more effective,” explained Allen Kalik, president.  “The supervisor coaching feature is yet another innovative way to provide quality control and bring new operators up to speed quickly.”