Professional Teledata Introduces PInnacle Sentry

Professional Teledata added a new feature option to their lineup of technology solutions. PInnacle Sentry is an add-on enhancement that allows video monitoring to be integrated into the existing stream of incoming events, allowing call centers to participate in the “VSaaS” Video Surveillance as a Service market.

Pat Kalik, president of Professional Teledata, stated, “the idea of integrating video surveillance into the mix of events has been previously unattainable.” Traditional video monitoring has been limited to having a guard physically monitor cameras on closed circuit systems. Professional Teledata altered the landscape of managing video surveillance through the integration of external monitoring devices with its software technology. The end result is an improved and more efficient call agent, one that can successfully monitor and administer potential issues through the use of a prompted software system.

“By adding this new feature, end users will be eager to tackle new horizons and increase productivity by leveraging their existing PInnacle investment and staff that already knows how to use it,” said Jim Graham, vice president of Professional Teledata.

In other news, during the PINetwork’s Annual Conference, Ken Goldenberg, vice president of Direct Line TeleResponse in Berkeley, California, was presented with the Allen Kalik award. It was presented by Charlie Crown of Towne Answering Service.

The Allen Kalik award was implemented in 2011 after the passing of Professional Teledata president Allen Kalik. Honoring Allen for his contributions to the telecommunications industry and the PINetwork Group, this award recognizes individuals whose unselfish dedication and leadership have led to the advancement of the PINetwork Group.

“Ken Goldenberg couldn’t be more of a perfect fit for this award,” said president, Pat Kalik. “I know Allen would be proud.”

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