Professional Teledata Releases Midnight Freedom

Professional Teledata released a new feature for PInnacle Freedom Customers, called Midnight Freedom.  Using Freedom’s hosted platform, it providing users the option to outsource some calls, such as the midnight shift.  “I can relate to the various headaches and hassles that come with operating the business, and the anxiety that exists in hoping that you’ve got quality staff covering the overnight shift,” stated Allen Kalik, president of Professional Teledata and former call center owner.

Using PInnacle Freedom, call centers can share agents by consolidating calls during a specified period, with calls seamlessly answered by a partner center.  The result is a single agent can be handling calls for multiple call centers using just one headset and one PC.

Additionally, Professional Teledata will set up partnerships with several top call centers to handle the midnight outsourcing needs.  These receiving centers will be selected for their professional reputation and their knowledge and experience as PInnacle users.  While the outsourcing center contracts directly with the PInnacle authorized call center of their choice, all data resides safely and securely only on the hosted system at Professional Teledata.

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