Professional Teledata Releases PInnacle Voice Logger

Professional Teledata added PInnacle Voice Logger to their lineup of technology solutions, a SIP-based audio recorder, integrated into the PInnacle system. Pat Kalik, president of Professional Teledata stated, “Since PInnacle Voice Logger is entirely SIP based, no special computer hardware is required, thus improving operational efficiencies, further cost reductions and of course peace of mind.”

PInnacle users have the immediate ability to integrate PInnacle Voice Logger with their current eQueue and eConn switches; Millennium integration is expected in the near future.

PInnacle Voice Logger features include:

  • By being controlled by the PInnacle Script, PInnacle Voice Logger enables call centers to be compliant with the guidelines established by PCI and HIPAA HiTech
  • Recordings can be reviewed by any agent, supervisor, or manager with appropriate security control
  • SQL-based browser program enables fast access to recordings by date, time, client, agent and many more. Queries can be saved for easy re-use
  • Browser includes a “random” selection used for quality control purposes
  • Bookmarking function enables users to annotate specific locations within recordings
  • Recordings can be accessed by clients via the PInnacle Web Portal or by email

Professional Teledata provides systems and software products for the telemessaging and call center industries. For more information or set up a demo tailored to your specific interests, contact Karen Black at 800-344-9944.

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