Professional Teledata Offers No Cost Secure Messaging

Professional Teledata announced a new secure messaging feature has been added to the PInnacle platform. No third party services are required to provide the secure Web interface functionality. The feature will work by emailing or texting a link to a message that will be viewed via HTTPS using an Internet browser. Not only is this feature HIPAA compliant but it is device agnostic (working with iPad, iPhone, Android, Surface, Windows, and so forth).

The secure messaging feature will be provided to all PInnacle users at no charge as part of their ongoing software support program. This also offer users the ability to increase revenue.

“Secure messaging is a critical core functionality that telemessaging bureaus are required to have to service many of their customers,” said Vice President, Jim Graham. “Professional Teledata is proud to include secure messaging as a standard feature in their product. There are no monthly usage fees associated with the feature.”

Professional Teledata provides systems and software products for the telemessaging and call center industries.

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