Professional Teledata Adds Skills Based Routing to eConn IP-PBX Softswitch

Since the acquisition of the eOn product lines last July, Professional Teledata continues to enhance their telephony line of products. Most recently, Professional Teledata announced a software update to their eConn IP-PBX Softswitch to support Skills Based Routing (SBR).

The update includes support for up to 1000 “gates” that can be customized to direct calls to specific agents or ACD groups, in order to provide efficient call handling based on client requirements. An update to the eConn administration program makes it simple to perform the necessary programming.

SBR is a call assignment strategy used to assign incoming calls to the most suitable agent instead of the next available agent. The need for SBR has risen as call centers have become larger and deal with a wider variety of calls.

“Easy to use skills based routing is essential,” stated Pat Kalik, president. “It improves customer service, makes training shorter and easier, increases agent utilization and productivity, and even increases revenue!” This software version is currently being tested at selected customer sites, and is expected to be generally available by June 30, 2014.

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