Professional Teledata Announces Commercial Grade SMS Solution

Professional Teledata announced the launch of its enhanced short message service solution, PInnacle cloud SMS. The new, cloud-based text messaging solution is commercial grade, developed specifically for the high volume, high availability usage requirements demanded by customers.

The PInnacle cloud SMS solution enables users to communicate with clients faster, and with higher throughput, via text messaging. Throughput and availability are achieved by maintaining direct connections to major wireless carriers that are not subject to rate limits, monthly usage thresholds, or cell towers. Now, PInnacle Cloud SMS users can easily and reliably exchange messages each month without worrying about service interruptions or rate limiting. Key features of the PInnacle cloud SMS solution include: 100 percent software-based, fully redundant system, built-in disaster recovery, and comprehensive reporting.

“Since installing the PInnacle cloud SMS solution, we have had no service interruptions for our customers,” said Ken Goldenberg, president of Direct Line Tele Response. “The process to move customers to the new system was seamless and simple. The tight integration with our existing PInnacle system was well executed and we are now experiencing much faster delivery times and delivery responses.”

“We are thrilled to offer our customers with an enhanced, commercial grade SMS solution,” said Jim Graham, director of special operations for Professional Teledata. “By leveraging Startel’s current SMS infrastructure, we are able to provide our PInnacle customers with a more robust text messaging solution that meets their clients’ expanding needs and enables them to focus on growing their business.”

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