Quality Contact Solutions Expands At-Home Call Center Operations

Angela Morris, president of Quality Contact Solutions (QCS) announced the expansion of QCS At Home, the work-from-home call center solution.  “Answering the local communities’ call regarding the closing of two call centers in Nebraska, we had the unique opportunity to hire some very experienced business to business telephone sales professionals expanding our At Home team.  These professionals will continue to conduct business for some of the same clients they have worked with for years,” stated Nathan Teahon, director of operations for Quality Contact Solutions.  “It has been a win-win-win solution for the employees, the local community and the clients.”

QCS At Home was formed in the spring of 2010 to expand QCS Telemanagement’s capabilities for program development and testing by creating an At Home environment staffed with true veteran professions.  “We found many new client programs required a high degree of hands-on program development and incubation before being migrated to one of QCS partners via our telemanagement model,” stated Morris.

The at-home management team has all the same capabilities that any brick and mortar call center manager would have.  All training is conducted using Web-enabled learning sessions.

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