Razolv Virtual Call Center Expands

Call center outsourcing has proven to be a successful option for numerous companies, enabling them to improve the working conditions of their staff while enhancing the product and services they deliver.  Razolv Virtual Call Center will be expanding its call center operations in the Caribbean.  The Caribbean location provides the advantage of lower “overhead expenditures,” allowing Razolv to provide call center services at a lower cost.

In the near future Razolv is expected to be one of the largest virtual call centers operating out of the Caribbean.  Director for marketing and sales, Marvin Gayle, expressed satisfaction about the progress of Razolv, indicating that Razolv’s staff is motivated and well-trained; the new staff members to be hired will be from the English speaking Caribbean.

According to Gayle, most of Razolv’s clients operate small enterprises, such as doctors, merchants, and small hoteliers.  Due to the advances made in information technology and the proximity of the Caribbean to the United States and Canada, Gayle is confident that Razolv will be a viable option for North American companies that are trying to reduce their overhead costs.

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