RDI Marketing to Acquire Client Development Services

RDI Marketing Services, Inc. announced the acquisition of Client Development Services (CDS), a sales and marketing company, located in Henderson, NV in the greater Las Vegas area.  CDS is an outsourced sales and account management arm for a division of GE Capital.  CDS has 90 employees and provides B-to-B call center support services, which fits strategically into RDI’s core offering.

According to RDI’s COO, Bronson Trebbi, “As we pursued the acquisition of this outstanding firm, we found the CDS leadership team to share the vision and operational processes common to RDI.   CDS has a proven track record that is built on a relationship-driven approach to yield higher than expected sales results on behalf of its clients.”

The team that will be joining RDI is directly partnered and integrated (people, process, and technology) with GE’s business.  This will enable a seamless transition for all parties involved.  Additional opportunities exist for using best practices and growth across RDI’s organization.  “The mission is simple.  CDS, like RDI, is a marketing engine that drives revenue growth for customers,” said Trebbi.

RDI is an outsourced sales and service provider specializing in call center business development services.

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