Report Addresses Migration to All-in-One Communications Software Suites

BenchmarkPortal published a report showing how contact centers can protect existing investments while making a phased migration to all-in-one communications software suite solutions.  The report, “Technology Adoption Strategies for All-In-One Contact Center Solutions,” was gathered from more than 100 contact centers and includes six migration case studies based on interviews with survey respondents.  Key findings include:

  • There is a sizable experience base of contact centers that have migrated to all-in-one communications software suites over time.
  • Migration to all-in-one communications software suites is generally no more difficult, and is frequently less difficult, than other contact centers IT initiatives.
  • Approximately four out of five feel that a gradual migration strategy would make adoption of an all-in-one communications software suite more attractive.
  • There is not a unique roadmap, but several considerations to take into account, including: the age of existing multipoint solutions, the degree to which multipoint solutions are embedded into existing infrastructure, management’s knowledge and resources for handling technology migration, human and cultural factors, budget, the number of remote offices, and the overall technology roadmap.
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