Telescan Spectrum Data Manager’s New Call Routing Feature

Telescan released Spectrum data manager R1-13. Featured in this update is a new approach to call routing that provides new opportunities for controlling call distribution, managing staffing, and creating revenue through new services. The new call routing feature is based on existing concepts of account priority, operator skill level and operator capabilities with respect to client classes, but more flexibility is now possible.

Advantages and benefits include:

  • More efficient use of higher skilled operators, allowing them to handle the more difficult calls first, while interleaving less difficult calls
  • Effective isolation of operators who are in various stages of training, presenting them only those calls they are trained to handle, reducing errors and improving customer satisfaction
  • Ability to raise the priority of calls under busy conditions to prevent ‘call starvation’
  • Ability to route calls to operators performing administrative functions during call traffic spikes
  • A more effective way to segregate call traffic in multi-office installations, or within an office
  • New revenue streams with the ability to define and control levels of service, including the new emergency mode.