Startel Announces Initiatives

Startel contact center software that delivers happiness to your customers

Startel has several initiatives focused on deploying technology solutions to enable clients to weather this economy, putting them in a position to realize an accelerated return on investment when the economy turns around.  Towards this end, Startel has added staff to the Research and Development staff, updated product training and curriculum, and implemented continuous improvement methodologies.

An internal technology refresh is currently underway at Startel that includes deploying a new Microsoft Exchange Server utilizing blade servers and a new firewall.

CMC Release 9.0 includes:

  • an updated switch communications link
  • the release of IntelliScheduler and Web IntelliScheduler,
  • Short Message Service (SMS) text messaging,
  • Startel Information Systems (SIS), which provides immediate access to information that is relative to the user’s current situation, and
  • enhancements to the system reports that will be ATSI compliant.

The research and development team continues working on Startel’s next generation products.  The major advantages will include a smaller footprint, less hardware to purchase and support, fewer failure points, increased scalability, and a more robust application set.  This system design and architecture will enable Startel to greatly reduce development time.

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