Startel Launches Disaster Recovery Service

Startel Corporation announced the availability of its new disaster recovery service. Unveiled at the 2016 Startel National User’s Group conference in San Diego, Startel’s disaster recovery service provides customers with a complete failover solution and peace of mind.

This service enables users to backup application data in a simple, non-disruptive manner. Key features include automated synchronization of database and key files, automated database and key file backup, and a backup system that acts as a hot standby system. Synchronizations occur automatically on both the Startel Contact Management Center and Startel soft switch.

“With Startel’s disaster recovery service our entire system is now fully replicated,” said Drew Ritter, owner and president of Advantage TeleMessaging, Inc. “If an unplanned event were to occur, we can now minimize downtime and help ensure client data remains secure and accessible and service continues uninterrupted. This is a huge benefit for our clients, peace of mind for our team, and a competitive advantage.”

“Mission-critical organizations like our customers cannot afford to be down, and we are happy to provide them with a service that not only minimizes downtime but also minimizes customer impact,” said Bill Lane, president and CEO of Startel.

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