Startel Announces External SoftPhone Application

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Startel Corporation announced the availability of its new soft phone application, the Startel external softphone. Using Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), the Startel softphone enables users to manage communications easily and efficiently from a PC or laptop rather than a traditional telephone.

With this, Startel offer users two softphone options depending on one’s business environment. Startel’s Contact Management Center (CMC) embedded agent interface (AI) softphone is used for PCs that reside on the local network.

The new, external softphone application uses the resources of the local PC and can function as a standalone phone (emulating an IP phone) or by a local or remote agent. It is integrated with AI and can be controlled by its telephony keys. Benefits include dedicated audio resources, flexible deployment options, and a cost-effective solution.

“We are excited to leverage the benefits of SIP-based communication and provide the marketplace with a powerful voice solution that requires little hardware and no dedicated phone lines,” said Bill Lane, president and CEO of Startel.

“The Startel external softphone is a great complement to our unified communications services – and a very affordable alternative for both local and remote agents, and traveling business owners, who need to stay connected.”

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