Startel Launches SMS Services

Startel contact center software that delivers happiness to your customers

Startel Corporation, a provider of call center software, announced that they have been conducting successful beta tests of a new SMS aggregator service that will be launched on October 16, 2009.  Two versions of the service will be available; one fully integrated into the award-winning Startel CMC platform and the other for customers utilizing other call center solutions.

SMS is synonymous with “texting” or “text messaging.”  The popularity of SMS has grown dramatically over the last several years and it is estimated that 75% of cell phone users send text messages daily.  Utilized initially as a consumer application, the proliferation of SMS as an alternative business communication has increased dramatically over the last year and is becoming an essential part of the fully integrated business communications platform utilized by call centers worldwide.

“We are pleased to offer our customers a more robust, reliable, lower cost, more easily implemented and maintained, and more fully integrated service,” stated Bill Lane,CEO & President of Startel Corporation.   “Because Startel’s SMS Service is a pure software solution, the reliability is phenomenally high and the total cost of ownership is greatly reduced.”

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