Startel Receives ATSI Switch Certification

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Startel was awarded the ATSI Industry Standards Switch Certification. Dennis O’Hara, outgoing ATSI President, presented the award to Dan Feis and Steve Newell of Startel during the ATSI awards dinner.

“We are extremely excited to receive this certification,” stated Dan Feis, Startel director of sales and marketing. “The ATSI Industry Standards Switch Certification validates the accuracy of the statistics and reports provided by our technology. It also provides credibility and a differentiator for our clients when they are selling their services.”

ATSI’s goal in developing this certification is to define and establish a core set of metrics that are universally accepted and adhered to by the vendors who support ATSI members. 

By developing this set of metrics, ATSI hopes that their members will be able to better compete for contracts and utilize a consistent set of terminology when communicating across platforms and vendors. Nine metrics make up ATSI’s Standards Performance Measurements. In order to facilitate these standards, Startel integrated these measurements into their system.


Startel is one of two vendors to have earned the certification, with Telescan being the other.

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