Startel Unveils Its Next Generation Switch

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Startel unveiled the capabilities of its next generation switch at the TeamSNUG annual convention in March.  Attendees viewed a demonstration of the Linux based switch running Asterisk software using SIP technology. 

The switch is the result of the Project Orion development team’s efforts to provide Startel users with a switch that will provide them with leading edge technology.  “The development of the switch has progressed to the point where all of Startel’s telephony needs are being transacted on the switch,” stated Bill Lane, President.

“Asterisk has many advantages over traditional switch solutions,” stated Dan Feis, Director of Sales and Marketing.  “Because most of the telephony processing is taking place on the transaction processor the hardware required to the system is greatly reduced.  Because there is less hardware, there are less failure points. 

This improves the reliability and makes redundancy less expensive and easier to manage in the event of a failure.  From a development standpoint since there is less firmware, it enables us to accelerate our development and deployment times.”

Startel will be demonstrating their new switch at the ATSI Convention in Pittsburgh.