Study Shows App Users Want Quick Connection to Customer Service

According to a study commissioned by Virtual Hold Technology, more than 80% of smartphone users with financial apps say they want a solution that enables them to easily and directly contact or request a callback from a customer service representative from their app without dialing a toll free number, starting all over, repeating account information, or waiting on hold.

The study, conducted by The Adcom Group, looks at consumers who use mobile apps to perform tasks in real-time. It uncovers the problems they encounter completing those tasks and categorizes the behaviors that result. With one billion smartphones expected to be in use by 2016 and with financial apps being among the most popular with consumers, it was important to investigate the brand perceptions that are a result of both positive and negative financial mobile app experiences.

“Customers using smartphones expect in-the-moment service, literally at their fingertips. But getting through to a real person who can help finish the conversation remains quite a challenge,” said Virtual Hold Technology CEO Wes Hayden.

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