Szeto Announces Additional Switching Features in Call Linx TAS System

Szeto Technologies’s newest release of Call Linx TAS offers additional capabilities to increase income streams and operational efficiencies.  These are switching features in found in Two B Channel Transfer (TBCT) and in single-number call forwarding.

TBCT in PRI is now programmable either per client or per out-dial number.  Selection of the patching style can now be based on individual telephone numbers and according to individual subscriber’s preferences.  When call patching is conducted internally within the built-in digital switch, the call can be reverted to Call Linx TAS system.  When patching is conducted externally by utilizing the TBCT feature from the telephone central office, the call will not tie up the trunk lines.  This flexibility increases service offerings to clients.

Additionally, single-number call forwarding is enhanced to allow multiple redirections for the same call.  This enhancement identifies all the forwarding nodes when a call is chain-forwarded due to “no-answer,” “forward,” or “busy-forward.” before reaching the answering service.  This same feature can also identify calls from organizations, such as hospitals, whose calls are forwarded to the answering service via outbound calls from their in house PBX systems.