Szeto’s Call Linx Offers Automatic Email Encryption

Szeto Technologies released “auto encryption” service, a security feature for deliveries of email messages in its Linux based Call Linx TAS system.  This feature is also in compliance with HIPAA requirements.  The ability of encrypting messages in the email delivery process ensures privacy and confidentiality.  This increases the level of security in online communications, and is especially essential for call center operations that are involved with medical professions.

Auto encryption in Szeto’s Call Linx TAS software is programmable on a per account basis.  All subscribers who have auto encryption enabled will have their email messages delivered in a secure fashion.  This same security also applies to email messages sent to voice/data mobile devices.

Encryption is completely automatic and transparent within “Call Linx.”  When sending email to subscribers who have the auto encryption service enabled, Call Linx will process the messages just as it normally does, but will automatically encrypt the messages before deliveries.  This is without any agent intervention.

Encryption and the certificate authority are based on industry standard specifications widely supported by popular email programs like Thunderbird and Outlook; service setup is via a user-friendly dialog box.

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