Telescan Adds CenturiSoft Voicemail

Telescan is now offering CenturiSoft voicemail systems for new and existing users.  CenturiSoft, a California based company, is an industry leader known for its feature-rich voice messaging system.

The addition of CenturiSoft will give Telescan users an intelligent sharing of telephony resources between pure voicemail and traditional call center functions.  For instance, voicemail applications can use Telescan’s Prism switch to access out-dial paths using Prism’s least-cost-routing tables.  These outbound paths, as well as inbound call paths, can be shared with live-agent applications for significant cost savings.

“We are always searching for new ideas to help our users,” said Patty Anderson, Telescan’s director of sales and marketing.  “We have added CenturiSoft because we want them to have the best possible system and one that integrates completely with our Spectrum system.”

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