Telescan Announces Spectrum Updates and New Features

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Telescan, a division of Amtelco, announced the R1-22 software update. This release provides several updates and introduces some all-new features for Spectrum users. Some of the highlights in this release include:

Prism II has a new destination option available in Prism II’s directory. The new destination format is designed to allow transferring an inbound call to another number upon successful entry of a passcode by the caller.

Some telephone answering service (TAS) managers have reported significant charges on their phone bill after an operator connected a caller to 911 for an emergency. In response to this, outbound calls to 911 are now disabled unless an outbound 911 caller ID is defined in the Prism II switch settings.

Prism II now allows inbound and outbound calls to be put in a parked state. To prevent inadvertent parking of calls, Agent II now prompts the operator to confirm that park is the intended state for the call.

Another new option allows the caller’s name (if available) to display in the call queues window at an agent station and in the Prism II inbound call status screen.

Some network environments place special requirements on the configuration of SIP audio. Agent II now has additional configuration settings that allow for it to adapt to certain special network requirements.

“We were excited to introduce this release at the TUNe conference held in April,” stated Brett Minster, Telescan general manager. “Users will find several enhancements made to the Spectrum system applications.”

Telescan was founded in 1976 to make TAS businesses more efficient and profitable. In 2012, Telescan merged with Amtelco. Together, Amtelco and Telescan focus on providing call center solutions that meet or exceed customer expectations and are backed by top notch service and support. Millions of telephone calls are processed every day by their systems and software in operation in all fifty of the United States and more than twenty foreign countries.

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