Telescan Introduces Live Video Monitoring

At this year’s ATSI Convention, Telescan introduced new live video monitoring.  An addition to Telescan’s popular Spectrum Messenger, this innovation allows managers to monitor up to six locations at the same time.  Using either a local LAN or remotely, Spectrum video monitoring allows call centers to monitor any location, anywhere in the world as long as there is a web camera and Internet access.

Telescan’s Spectrum Messenger is a desktop-to-desktop real-time communications tool with a full range of creative options that is platform independent.  It is compatible with any windows platform and will operate on any TCP/IP-based local area network using IBM-compatible hardware.  The new live video monitoring component gives call centers another tool to manage more effectively and efficiently.  Video monitoring can be used to monitor remote agents to ensure HIPAA compliance.

Patty Anderson, Telescan’s Director of Sales said, “The new Spectrum Messenger video monitoring is an example of how Telescan has adapted and evolved our products around industry needs.  We are continuing to work on more new products with real-world application that will make life easier for our industry.”