Telescan Joins with CenturiSoft to Introduce 2-Way Voice Messaging

Telescan has introduced the integration of automatic message delivery notification between Centuri Messenger and Telescan’s Spectrum.  This jointly developed software integration allows the Centuri system to notify Spectrum of the delivery of a message with a date and time stamp.  This new feature eliminates the need for call center agents to periodically check for message delivery, saving time and improving accuracy.

Marcy Hewlett, President of A Better Connection, was the test site for the new Telescan/CenturiSoft integration.  She said, “The marriage of Telescan’s Spectrum with CenturiSoft’s Centuri Messenger has been a blessing for us.  The automatic filing of messages that have been taken by our operators and delivered to our clients via voice dispatching has given both our clients and our dispatchers peace of mind.”

“We are excited to have Telescan further leverage the capabilities of the Centuri Messenger” stated John Pope, President of CenturiSoft.  “Now our clients who own both CenturiSoft and Spectrum benefit from this partnership with increased accuracy and saving time every day.”

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