Telescan Receives First ATSI Industry Standards Certification

ATSI (Association of TelesServices International) announced that Telescan is the first vendor to be certified under their Industry Standards Certification program.  Telescan’s Prism® switch and Telescan’s Data Manager have been certified.

ATSI’s goal in developing this certification process is to define and establish a core set of metrics that are universally accepted and adhered to by the vendors who support ATSI members.  ATSI hopes that by developing this set of metrics, their members will be able to compete for contracts via a leveled playing field and utilize a consistent set of terminology when communicating across platforms and vendors.

Nine metrics make up ATSI’s Standards Performance Measurements.  In order to facilitate these standards, Telescan has integrated these measurements into their system.  “By incorporating these nine ATSI metrics into our standard reports, we feel we have made the testing and standard comparisons easier for users,” said Patty Anderson, Director of Sales and Marketing.  “Telescan applauds ATSI’s effort in establishing a uniform measure of testing for industry vendors.  We hope it will make vendor comparisons easier.”