Telescan’s Alert Response Becomes Alert MD

When Carolyn’s Communications Inc. was alerted to an opportunity from one of their biggest clients, they turned to Telescan to help turn the opportunity into new business.  The result was a new software program from Telescan, Alert MD.

A large pediatric client was concerned about their inability to handle the volume of business-hour calls so they contacted Carolyn’s Communications for help, which turn turned to Telescan.  The solution Telescan designed has become their newest product, Alert MD.

When a patient is on hold for more than two minutes at the doctor’s office, the call will automatically be transferred to Carolyn’s Communications.  The caller’s information is fed into the new interactive web program, Alert MD, where it is separated into departments such as triage or appointments.  Alert MD automatically forwards the information directly to the appropriate department.  This intuitive web interface can even track a call and response.

“With Alert MD, we were able to save our client from hiring two or three additional staffers and at the same time improve patient care,” said Kim Cotner of Carolyn’s Communications, Inc of Snellville, GA.

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