Telescan’s Spectrum Messenger’s User Profiles & SMS Text Messaging

Telescan released the latest Spectrum Messenger with its new user profile and SMS text messaging features.  These software enhancements are available to all Telescan and Messenger customers with the customer support program.
User profiles can be created for each recipient in the messenger client program, including a photo, phone number list, email address, and other facts about that user.

The Spectrum Messenger also allows for 2-way SMS text messaging to cell phones and is capable of interfacing with any telemessaging platform via a wireless modem or through a SMS service provider.  Messenger’s SMS text messaging offers auto-segmentation of long messages, replies from cell phones back to the sender through a custom SMS ID that distinguishes them from other senders, full logging capabilities, and integration with Telescan’s Spectrum data manager.

“Telescan is excited to bring these enhancements to our users,” said Patty Anderson Telescan’s Director of Sales and Marketing.  “We offer many features and enhancements as part of our customer support program.  Telescan will continue to develop software that will benefit the entire industry.”