TextGen Text-Enables Landlines

TextGen released its new communications platform that allows businesses to reach their customers by text enabling their existing ten-digit landline number. The TextGen platform is useful in nearly any industry and offers communications solutions to both enterprise and small business. Now, companies can text their customers with the same number they use for voice and automated response systems – no longer making text a toy for teens but a tool for business.

TextGen provides businesses with an innovative and affordable solution to customer communication, and was developed through partners Noah Rafalko (CEO of TSG Global, Inc.), Gary Pudles (CEO of AnswerNet and Wharton instructor of entrepreneurship) and early developer of VoIP and ADSL technology, Thomas Howe.

“Imagine ordering pizza, talking to customer service, or activating your electronics through a simple text without the need of mobile apps or a smart phone,” said Pudles. “If you can text on your cell phone, you can use the TextGen system.”

The inaugural TextGen customer, Westinghouse Digital, LLC, has seen great success using TextGen to pre-active the tuners in more than 700,000 of their televisions. By eliminating consumers’ needs to contact customer service, Westinghouse has reduced labor costs and improved productivity immensely.

“TextGen redefines traditional business communication. Using a cloud-based service, organizations can now reach their customers and retain data simultaneously, in real time,” said Howe.

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